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Paper documents and traditional document management methods create security and productivity challenges for AUTO  companies. A digital business and data management tool can reduce paper usage and simplify long and complicated procedures.

Main challenges


  • Insufficient document storage space and security​
Paper documents increase the risks of losing or damaging important client data. Hotels need additional secure storage rooms and human resources to ensure proper paper document maintenance and safety.
  • Prolonged document search​
According to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), client data must be stored until it’s no longer needed to process information of a customer. After years, hotels collect bulks of documents, raising the risk of losing private information, and prolonging document processing.
  • Costly document shredding​
When the time comes, paper documents need to be erased without leaving any trace of information. Hospitality companies have to deal with costly document erasure operations and special security procedures.
  • Low data quality and lost communication with customers​
Up to 50% of handwritten documents are lost because of insufficient data quality. Handwritten information on paper can be challenging to identify, and because of that, a company might accidentally violate GDPR requirements. Due to mistakes and discrepancies, hotels can’t continue communication with customers, losing upselling opportunities.
  • Limited COVID-19 preventive measures
Paper documents are in contact with at least a few people, meaning the chances of spreading the virus increase. Paper document disinfection is difficult, making it more challenging to protect customers during a health crisis.

Sign on Tab solution

  • Digitized documents archive for faster and more secure customer service.
  • Each template contains customized fields: signature, datePicker, input, select, checkboxes, radio boxes, country picker and relevant validation processes
  • Easy API integration - fast and easy-to-use digital solution.​​
  • Documents archived in line with GDPR compliance. Physical archiving costs reduced to 0

  • 100% reduction in paper consumption for customer information gathering & management

  • High data quality and smooth communication with customers



Avoid long and troublesome paper management processes using a digital document signing tool. The digital archiving solution helps you eliminate paper logistics mistakes and avoid losing or compromising important information. 



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