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Feel Your Business Pulse With the Sign On Tab Signing Tool and E-archive

Sign on Tab is a tool designed for modern business needs. Our paperless technology provides telecommunication, healthcare, finance, and many other industries with multiple tools in one system. Our main solution is a digitally captured signature. Digital signing solution has all the features of a simple signature on paper but with digital system perks such as automated biometric data collection, security, and convenience.

The tool also comes with digital document management and archiving platform. This functionality allows faster and more secure document storing and handling.

What is an electronic archive?

Let’s back up a little to figure out what is a digital document archiving and management system. It’s a digital environment where you can store, archive, and secure documents. It allows accessing documents, trace logs (history), and all the metadata that comes with it.

Another e-archive platform benefit is that it allows you to track your business metrics and customer activity. Sign on Tab tool has an integrated dashboard that shows your business activity and progress throughout time.

Sign on Tab dashboard

Our document archiving solution gives you a simple yet comprehensive dashboard overview of your service and customer activity. Here you can find the times with the most customers and how long it takes for a customer to complete and sign a document. This way, you can understand better your service tendencies and improve your business accordingly. But let’s see what other perks it gives to your business.

How can a digital document archiving tool solve daily business inefficiencies?

Lack of real-time insights

Manual tools like pen and paper limit your ability to track your business progress. It’s challenging to register and follow customer activity, the number of signed contracts, and other crucial business metrics.

On the Sign on Tab dashboard, you can measure your business activity in real-time:

  • The number of new contracts you have completed;

  • When is the daily, weekly, and monthly peak of contract signing;

  • UNIT activity comparison based on your chosen city or unit to see what time you scored the most contracts in that particular location.

This information can help you improve your customer service, create better-targeted campaigns, and enhance the decision-making process.

Long customer service

Efficiency is the key to customer service success. When your customers have to fill out piles of documents and information, their satisfaction drops. A digital signing and document archiving solution optimizes customers’ time and makes your service more efficient.

The dashboard shows how much time each document or contract takes to fill out. From the customer’s perspective, you want to shorten this time as much as possible - because no one enjoys filling out piles of documents.

If a contract takes too long to complete, you can optimize it by deleting unnecessary parts or adding dynamic fields. Dynamic field functionality allows adding additional information for a customer to fill out if their choice requires more details. After some time, you can compare data from before and after optimization to see how much time it has saved and whether it affects customer service.

Unprepared team

Most business activities are dynamic. They change depending on the customer traffic, special days, and times. It makes sense to adjust your team’s work based on these changes. However, conventional tools might lack the functionality to present when you need more workforce.

The digital document archiving solution can prepare your team according to the service activity. The metrics that allow tracking the peak of signatures can help you indicate when is the busiest time of the day, week, or month. If you notice that your team can’t handle the customer traffic during the peak, you might want to hire more salespeople.

More salespeople at the hectic hours can make your service faster and score you even more customers. When you have enough employees to assist each customer, you are more likely to land a deal.

Ineffective marketing campaigns

Marketing efforts should have a synergy with other business processes. The success of your strategy depends a lot on your customer behavior. But to make it work, you have to make sure you have the correct data.

Sign on Tab gives your marketing efforts a boost. Our dashboard shows your service tendencies. It presents times when you have the most customers, which in turn can give you a hint where to direct your marketing strategy. You see, knowing when the biggest traffic is can help you target more people or allocate smart discounts and promotions.

Also, if you see a decline in customer traffic, the system will show it, and you can make changes accordingly. Perhaps some campaign isn’t delivering desired results? All that can be easily identified on the SonT dashboard.

Is your business ready to take the next step towards growth?

Save time and money spent on dealing with paper documents and inefficient customer service. Sign on Tab ensures that companies in healthcare, telecommunication, finance, accommodation, and other industries are in the front row of digitalization.

Our solution allows archiving an unlimited amount of records, securing them with a special electronic seal and encryption code. As a result, your customers receive faster and more professional service catered to their needs.

Going paperless has never been easier with Sign on Tab. Check our success cases to see how the Sign on Tab dual tool and dashboard functionality can transform your business.

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