How Can Paperless Technologies Improve Your User Experience?

Updated: May 18

Companies that want to gain traction, attract financial effectiveness, and satisfy changing consumer needs embrace sustainability and paperless practices. Paperless technologies are an easily implemented solution to business efficiency and user-friendly services.

This article will give you all the information you need to know about going paperless and how such technologies can transform your business and improve user experience.

What are paperless technologies?

Paperless technologies describe software and systems designed to digitize business procedures. Although paper consumption decreased by 5% in 2020, there’s so much more to it than just being more eco-friendly. Not only do such technologies help reduce paper waste, but they also improve your customer service and are more user-friendly.

Examples of paperless technologies

Paperless technology can be one of the easiest steps towards transitioning to more sustainable and efficient business operations. Most companies use some type of paperless tools such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, field service management (FSM) software, or similar systems. These solutions transfer the company’s processes to a digital environment to expedite operations and reduce paper.

That inspired Sign on Tab to create a digital environment for document management and archiving. This paperless tool serves from the moment you create a document and get a customer’s signature to when you send the copies and archive it. Fast digital procedures make a significant impact on the company’s operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

What are the paperless technology benefits for user experience?

We all know that paperless has a positive impact on the environment, but let’s see the benefits for your business and how it can help you improve customer service and experience.

Missed fields make the document invalid

Missed or insufficient quality information is damaging to the business. If a client skips an important field on a paper document, it’s nearly impossible to do any updates later. When the customer is filling in documents on the tablet screen or any other digital environment, they can’t skip fields because the system automatically notifies them to fill in all the mandatory areas.

You can configure which fields are mandatory and which are optional, also personalize these settings to different customers and services. You can even prepare several different options for your customer to select from a dropdown menu to simply save time.