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How Can the Hospitality Sector Benefit From a Digital Signing Solution?

With countries worldwide battling the COVID-19 crisis, there is more hope that the hospitality sector will see a surge in travelers and locals who wish to shake up their leisure time. That being said, it’s important to prepare for high demand to ensure smooth service for everyone.

However, it’s not as simple when a hotel or other hospitality business uses paper documents and manual processes to collect and archive customer information. If your business grows or seeks to grow, you might consider digitizing at least some of its operations. And we can say that document archiving is a smart first move. But let’s see why.

Why do hotels need a digital signing solution and archiving software?

Process digitalization is often an obvious next step for a growing business to expand more and handle growing customer traffic more effectively. But more customers isn’t the only reason to switch to digital tools.

In fact, a digital archiving and signing solution can help you:

  • Avoid mistakes such as poorly written information, incorrect data, or human errors. Instead, you can use full and accurate customer data to increase direct bookings.

  • Forget managing paper documents, which, let’s be honest, isn’t the most entertaining job in the world. Besides paperwork being dull, paper is more prone to physical damage, and it takes a lot of time to find the right documents, perform data audits, or eventually shred files to destroy information, according to GDPR.

  • Save costs otherwise spent on physical storage space and additional human resources designated to manage and control the storage.

  • Use saved time to upsell products (SPA procedures, gym membership, tours, and other activities).

But with Sign on Tab, you benefit from reducing these complicated processes and ensuring easier and smoother working for yourself and pleasant service for customers.

Sign on Tab is a digital document signing and archiving solution designed for different industries, hospitality included. We offer a multifunctional tool that allows managing and storing documents and capturing customer signatures digitally. We believe that each business can benefit from going digital, especially in a vastly developing market where adopting the newest technologies is the only way to go.

But it’s not only a necessity, it has many perks for hospitality businesses like yours.

Electronic archive and document management system benefits for hospitality companies

Digital printing

Our Print to Tab functionality allows you to facilitate the information transfer process. You only need to fill out the information in your property management system (PMS). Instead of printing it on paper, the digital printer functionality automatically prints it on a tablet screen.

The process is as simple as it gets. An employee fills out details about a customer and their stay on a PMS system. When the information is ready, they can print it out on a tablet. Then the customer finishes filling out their data, signs a document using a digitally captured signature functionality, and the document is saved on the electronic archive. This way, you don’t need to bother with printing multiple copies of paper documents and asking your visitors to fill and sign them.

Digital registration cards

Digital card functionality can be used with no integration. It’s a convenient way to collect information from visitors, register it, and save it on a digital archive with only a few clicks of a button. It’s a fast and reliable way to get customer information and store it without any need for a physical archive.

You can easily access registration cards for as long as you are required to save them. This way, it’s easier to confirm customer’s data and find it if there’s a need.

Signing via link

Don’t waste time by asking customers to fill out reservation cards on arrival because you can do that in advance. Customers can fill out all the necessary information to book a room or any other service you provide that requires booking in advance. When customers arrive, they will only need to sign the confirmation, which can also be done with Sign on Tab digitally captured signature.


E-archive is an electronic archiving system designed to store and secure documents and customer information in a digital environment. Digital storage makes everything faster. You can find all the needed information with a few clicks or a keyphrase. The system can perform data audits based on your timeline, protect information with double authentication and access rights. And all this can be done on the go, you don’t need to hire more employees to monitor electronic storage.

GDPR compliance

Sign on Tab is GDPR compliant, meaning that the system ensures that all your operations meet the regulations. It can be tricky to ensure compliance dealing with paper documents when customers tend to make more mistakes, information can be unreadable or damaged.

But the system takes that pressure off you and ensures data quality, and provides necessary agreements and conditions to make sure your customers read and are aware of mutual responsibilities and data management.

Benefits for customers

Now let’s talk about customers. Don’t ignore the importance of good customer service. Customer service quality determines client satisfaction, loyalty, and recommendations. And what is a better way to make your customers happy and coming back than making services fast, efficient, and error-free.

Automated email copies

Your customers are probably tired of dealing with piles of documents they need to fill out, sign, and have copies of. Those paper copies are often lost or damaged and then can’t be used in case customers need to prove their information.

A digital system is a simple solution as it allows filling out information just once, signing it, and sending a copy to the customer’s email, where they can access them any time.

Fast registration process

Improve your customer service and satisfaction by introducing a fast and efficient information fill-out process. Our digital system allows adding information only necessary for a particular customer. You can use dynamic field functionality that adds additional information for a customer to fill out if their choice requires more details.

Efficient service

When your customers have to fill out piles of documents and information, their satisfaction drops. A digital signing and document archiving solution optimizes customer service time and makes your service more efficient.

If a contract takes too long to complete, you can optimize it by deleting unnecessary parts or adding dynamic fields. After some time, you can compare data from before and after optimization to see how much time it has saved and whether it affects customer service.

Sign on Tab solution for the hospitality sector

We understand how important it is for a hospitality business to ensure smooth and efficient service for its customers. We also believe that the digitalization of your operations is key to satisfactory customer service. Why waste your time and money on outdated working methods when you can embrace modernization, reduce paper waste, save resources, and ensure faster service for customers.

Modernization has never been easier with Sign on Tab. Check out our offer for hospitality companies to see how the Sign on Tab dual tool can transform your business.

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