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Telecommunication companies have to deal with hundreds of documents and contracts. Service quality, data security, and further communication with customers depend on information accuracy. However, paper usage in the company’s processes raises risks that only digital solutions can solve.

Main challenges


  • Document loss in the logistics process.
By distributing paper documents, a company risks losing or spoiling private information. Telecommunication companies face a 2-4% of document loss factor, resulting in revenue gaps and potential risks of information tampering.
  • Expensive paper inventory and storage.
Due to the high amounts of paper documents, telecommunication companies need to increase safe storage space. Storing and maintaining paper documents require regular inventory logs, which cost additional security and human resources.
  • Costly document shredding​
When the time comes, paper documents need to be erased without leaving any trace of information. Hospitality companies have to deal with costly document erasure operations and special security procedures.
  • Low data quality and lost communication with customers​
Up to 50% of handwritten documents are lost because of insufficient data quality. Handwritten information on paper can be challenging to identify, and because of that, a company might accidentally violate GDPR requirements. Due to mistakes and discrepancies, hotels can’t continue communication with customers, losing upselling opportunities.
  • Long service activation process at the expense of customer experience.
After a contract is signed, employees responsible for activating services need to fill in data into a system by hand. Due to manual work, it takes longer to start services, human-made errors increase, affecting customer service experience.

Sign on Tab solution

  • Digital signing tool to initiate the signing in stores or at a client’s home using a tablet.
  • Each template contains customized fields: signature, datePicker, input, select, checkboxes, radio boxes, country picker and relevant validation processes
  • Agreement confirmation to add a terms and conditions agreement before a client can sign a document. 
  • Easy API integration - fast and easy-to-use digital solution.​
  • Multiple signing methods - signing pencil, mobile or Smart-ID signature.
  • Documents archived in line with GDPR compliance. Physical archiving costs reduced to 0

  • Fast and effortless service activation.

  • High data quality and smooth communication with customers


Document linking

Link and connect your documents using the SonT system or your business management tool. With just a few clicks, link photos to existing documents, find all the information, and manage everything on one platform.



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