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If even for one second you’ve thought of ditching paper, we invite you to contact us.


It is possible that You experience these problems daily:

  • huge paper archive

  • inefficient claim handling procedures

  • long form filling time

  • Missed out fields increases risk for claim

Hundreds of our customers have already decided to go paperless.

Best cases show astonishing results:

  • Consent form filling time reduced by 50 % (from 15 min. to ±7 min. for long forms)

  • Each year 800 000 sheets of paper is not being printed anymore (this is 4 tons of paper)

  • Storage costs stopped growing

  • Faster processes, reduced manual work

  • Happier Patients and Employees

Daiva Adomaitienė, Quality Manager at Affidea Lithuania:

”We feel glad about our cooperation with Sign on Tab. We feel that we have common goals and we cooperate towards them. The team is very helpful and if there is an issue, it’s being solved immediately.

The most satisfying is not just the fact that processes became simpler and faster but also knowing that we contribute to sustainability and the protection of the environment, which has been a growing concern lately.”

You can also use Sign on Tab for everything from contracts, consent forms, agreements and more. 

It's an all-in-one solution for document management that will save you time and money. Simply sign with a pen.

Just like on paper, only smarter!
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