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Thank You for the answer!

Just to be sure:

Do you manage to take the patient signature online also? Or do you still ask a patient to sign upon the arrival, so you have an opportunity to check their IDs?


Taking patient signatures online can be tricky. It either requires a patient to use a qualified e-signature, or in case of dispute the signature will not have sufficient grounds for the document to be valid.

From a Legal perspective, we strongly suggest checking the patient ID when he’s arrived at the clinic and then take his handwritten signature on the Sign on Tab tablet screen. 


Sign on tab solution captures all the required Biometric data of a signature, that could be used to make a forensic examination. And best of all - your patient doesn’t have to use any kind of qualified signature. 



You can also use Sign on Tab for everything from contracts, consent forms, agreements and more. 

It's an all-in-one solution for document management that will save you time and money.

Simply sign with a pen. Just like on paper, only smarter!


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