Financial service companies and organizations handle sensitive client information that requires exceptional security and efficiency measures. Using paper in business processes prolongs customer service, and raises security risks.

The main challenges


High paper shredding costs and safety concerns.

According to GDPR requirements, after a contract expires, client details and related data must be erased. Finance companies spend a lot of money and human resources, ensuring effective and safe paper document erasure.

Inefficient logistics processes with third-party services.

Finance organizations often provide services through third parties (credit, insurance companies), resulting in piles of paper documents and contracts. During the logistics process, records can be easily lost, prolonging service activation and damaging customer service quality.

High paper logistics expenses.

Paper document maintenance and logistics require a lot of security and human resources, resulting in additional expenses for a company.

Paper document loss.

The financial sector faces a 2-4% document loss factor. Paper documents are more susceptible to damage and loss during the logistics and archiving process.



Flexible signing options to sign directly on a tablet, using a mobile or Smart-ID signature.

​​Full integration with your current tools through API. 

Image and ID copy attachments to ensure data accuracy. 

Digitalized document maintenance and archiving.



  • More attention to customer care. 

  • Fast and straightforward service activation. 

  • Improved data quality and readability.

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly business.


Agreement window

Add a step before initiating the signing process to ensure the customer agrees to terms and conditions. The agreement window guarantees client data security and makes further communication and marketing processes easier.