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Healthcare providers and organizations deal with hundreds of patients daily. It requires exceptional attention to ensure safe, fast, and effective services.

Main challenges


  • Difficulties tracking case-history.
A lot of healthcare providers still rely on paper case-history books. After a while, the books get full, making it more challenging to secure and distribute information—providers risk losing case-history books or missing essential treatment details. 
  • Insufficient and invalid information.
Each detail about a patient’s health is crucial for the further treatment. When a patient makes mistakes filling in the information, healthcare providers can’t ensure full attention to the specific needs of the customer.
  • Lack of COVID-19 health measures.​
Hospitals and clinics are the most vulnerable during the health crisis. Paper document and case-history book disinfection isn’t fully effective, raising risks of violating health measures during the pandemic.​
  • Low data quality and lost communication with customers​
Up to 50% of handwritten documents are lost because of insufficient data quality. Handwritten information on paper can be challenging to identify.
  • Information loss in the logistics and archiving process.
Logistics and archiving of paper documents raise the risk of losing important information and patient data. Due to the missing information, doctors can’t provide all the necessary procedures and lose the chance to continue further communication with patients and offer additional services.

Sign on Tab solution

  • Digital document signing tool for fast and safe information management and transfer. 
  • Each template contains customized fields: signature, datePicker, input, select, checkboxes, radio boxes, country picker and relevant validation processes
  • Automated signed document delivery to your patients' email
  • Secure E-archive for document storage, management and export
  • No need for an integration
  • Documents archived in line with GDPR compliance. Physical archiving costs reduced to 0.

  • High data quality and improved patient service.

  • Lower expenses and business operation optimization.

  • Secure archiving for an unlimited number of documents and signed contracts.

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly business.



Avoid long and troublesome paper management processes using a digital document signing tool. The digital archiving solution helps you eliminate paper logistics mistakes and avoid losing or compromising important information. 



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