VET services providers and organizations deal with hundreds of patients daily. It requires exceptional attention to ensure safe, fast, and effective services.

The main challenges


Insufficient document storage space and security.

Paper documents increase the risks of losing or damaging important client data. VET's need additional secure storage rooms and human resources to ensure proper paper document maintenance and safety.

Prolonged document search.

According to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), client data must be stored until it’s no longer needed to process information of a customer. After years, companies collect bulks of documents, raising the risk of losing private information, and prolonging document processing.

Costly document shredding.

When the time comes, paper documents need to be erased without leaving any trace of information. Companies have to deal with costly document erasure operations and special security procedures.

Low data quality and lost communication with customers.

Up to 50% of handwritten documents are lost because of insufficient data quality. Handwritten information on paper can be challenging to identify, and because of that, a company might accidentally violate GDPR requirements. Due to mistakes and discrepancies, companies can’t continue communication with customers, losing upselling opportunities.



Digital document archiving system to monitor customer data and access the information faster

Fast signature initiating process - with just one click of a button, you can begin the signing process and activate services.

No integration needed.



  • Secure document archiving. 

  • More attention to client needs. 

  • No expenses on physical archiving space.

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly business. 


Print to Tab

Go paperless with a digital SonT printer. The functionality allows you to facilitate the information transfer process by printing documents straight to a client’s tablet using a property management system (PMS) or similar tools.